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Our Commitment
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24/7 Monitoring, your cargoes are well secured and safe with us
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24/7 Dedicated Monitoring Personnel to handle and monitor your shipments every step of the way. Ensuring that your cargoes are being monitored from the time of pick up until it reaches to its specific final destination through proper collaboration with all functional areas utilizing company’s intranet and communication devices.


24/7 Security Guards  are deployed to all Pambato branches all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao applying strict compliance of security procedures which  guarantees the safety of all your cargoes as well as to prevent any un anticipated situation.


24/7 CCTV Monitoring and Recording Cameras will keep an eye on all items stored in all Pambato Warehouses anticipating unfortunate circumstances which results to damage and lost at any given time possible.


24/7 GPS Tracking is being utilized to monitor our trucks during pick-up and delivery of your cargoes.


This how Pambato cares for all our Business Partners like you because “We care about your cargo 24/7”